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Anyway, I am particular about WHEEL and SUS SPENSION. I am particular about 1mm units!
No compromises! It's often said to be a stubborn father, but I can't give up on it! Anyway, I love Shakotan more than three meals. As for how much I like it, it's a metamorphosis that sleeps with the harmonic drive (laughs) I have never actually slept (laughs) But every day "I repeat studying and delusions" 


There are many people who think that Drive. Is a remodeling shop, but in fact, they have acquired a certified factory approved by the country (laughs), so they are good at repairs and vehicle inspections!

By holding down the acupoints that match the vehicle type, you will always be in the best condition! Please give any requests without hesitation.

We also have substitute cars, rental cars, and carrier cars, so please feel free to use them.


You can also buy used cars at Drive. You can also sell COMPLETE according to your budget and taste! Although the store inventory is small, we will look for the perfect one for you through our nationwide specialty store network and our own route!

We can import from overseas, and new cars are also available from each manufacturer, so please feel free to contact us regardless of domestic / imported cars or car models.

# 04

TUNING is also a specialty of Drive.

Easy LED replacement to racing car making

Engine swap etc.

Even hard and crazy menus

Leave it to us!

We will guide you through a one-of-a-kind proposal!

# 05

Drive. Imports the latest and most innovative ITEM from the world!

We are also a number of Japanese importers. We promise to make proposals that are different from other stores!

In addition, we are developing our own brand that handles planning, design, and manufacturing in-house with the spirit of [If you don't have something, you can make it].

​Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama City Emifull Matsumae  VF ENGINEERING SPLPARTS M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 2002 M1 Drive drive Ehime imagine hex bmw gt3 recaro bbs hre BMW PORSCHE ALFAROMEO  M2 | Japan | Drive. Motor Sport

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