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Popular coding feature for drive AUDI / VW


You can enable or change the functions that are restricted by changing the settings of the computer installed in AUDI / VW.
At our shop, we usually guide you with the upper limit of 15,000 yen (excluding tax) even if you install some coding.
If there is only one place, it is 4000 yen (excluding tax), and there is an additional charge for special coordination.
* The contents that can be constructed may differ depending on the model, model year, grade, and condition of the vehicle.
In addition to BMW, we can also guide you to AUDI VW PORCHE BENZ, so please feel free to contact us.  / By changing the settings of the computer installed in VW

No matter how many places you normally code, the upper limit is ¥ 15,000 (excluding tax), and if there is only one place, it will be ¥ 4000 (excluding tax).

① TV cancellation You will be able to watch TV and operate NAVI while driving. ¥ 15000-
② Daylight LED position Daylight (DRL) ¥ 4000-
③ DRL position light light intensity adjustment ¥ 4000-
④ Headlight washer release ¥ 4000-
⑤ Seatbelt warning light erase driver's seat ¥ 4000-
⑥ Seatbelt warning light erased passenger seat ¥ 4000-
⑦ R gear interlocking passenger seat mirror down ¥ 4000-
⑧ Needle sweep | Ignition is ON and the needle of the meter swings. ¥ 4000-
Small interlocking foot light (interior light) lights up¥ 4000-
⑩ Change the number of easy winkers ¥ 4000-
⑪ Meter backlight is always on ¥ 4000-
⑫ Idling stop memory | Idling OFF is activated by the setting when the engine is turned off.
⑬ Add display display | You can add "Music" and "Telephone" to the display at hand.
⑭ Cornering light on / off ¥ 4000-
⑮ Answerback sound when key lock / open  Make a beeping sound when the door is locked / unlocked
⑯ Door lock interlocking mirror storage ¥ 4000-
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Popular coding feature for Drive Benz


​NTG UNLOCK | TV canceller

NTG Unlock was developed for Mercedes-Benz so that passengers can watch TV / DVD while driving and operate navigation. The long-awaited clean installation is now possible without any wiring processing. Of course, it does not become an obstacle during vehicle inspection, and it is an epoch-making product that allows the user to repeatedly install and uninstall. Simply insert the CD or USB and you will be able to watch TV while driving.

¥ 43000 (excluding tax) | This item is by vehicle type, so please feel free to contact us.

ベンツ デイライト.jpg

PLUG! DRL | Plug! daylight

PLUG DRL! Enables the daylight function just by inserting it into the OBD, and the daylight ON / OFF item (excluding some vehicles) is added to the vehicle setting menu.
The DRL is basically dimmed when the headlights are turned on, and dimmed and turned off when the small lamps and turn signals are turned on. * No technical work required, just plug it into the vehicle's OBD2 port. When the lamp blinks green and turns yellow, it is complete. If you want to restore it, just insert it again. This time, when the green flashes and the blue lights turn on, the process is complete.

¥ 22000 (excluding tax)

ベンツ アイドリングストップ.jpg

PLUG! ISC | Idling stop

By using PLUG ISC !, the idling stop will be canceled. Depending on the vehicle model, the last memory type that stores the state of the idling stop immediately before the engine is turned off or the idling stop is forcibly turned off * 1.
No technical work required, easy installation by plugging into the vehicle's OBD2 port

| ¥ 10000- (excluding tax)

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