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Insistence on oil change | A reliable proposal unique to a specialty store. Please take advantage of it.


Oil change

We will guide you through the oils carefully selected by the drive who is familiar with imported cars according to your needs!

At our shop, we have the best oils for engines, missions, and differentials. The reason is that, depending on the manufacturer, there are some that are very good and some that are not. No matter how good it is, there is a compatibility. This is because if the origin of the same iron or aluminum is different, they will be similar and different. German way of thinking and materials. Japanese way of thinking and materials. Even if the same product is manufactured, it will be slightly different. We, Drive, also learned the basics by tuning and repairing domestic cars, and have been involved in German cars. I am always surprised at the difference between German manufacturing and Japanese manufacturing. It's still the same. That's why oil is used properly. Engine oil is produced in Germany. Gear oil uses Moty's and NUTEC, a group of metamorphosis technicians. I have been involved in German cars and have accumulated 20 years of DATA.

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Drive-focused engine oil special feature

リキモリ オイル.jpg

LQUIMOLY GT-1 | Liqui Moly 10W-60

Liqui Moly | RACE TECH GT-1 10W-60

German oil makers do not have special oils. The WTCC machine in the photo also showed us the oil change at PIT in Okakuni. I am using the same GT-1 that I use in our shop. Since it uses a good base oil, it is also characterized by a small amount of additives. The long-selling and best-selling product that has been used at Drive. For 15 years is the Liqui Moly GT-1. Anyway popular!

¥ 3400 / 1L (excluding tax) Recommended for NA high-spec engines ♬


Synthetic Energy | 0W-40

Oil for high-performance turbo engines that easily clears manufacturer standards such as BMW, PORSCHE, FORD, VW, BENZ, AUDI. The AUDI RS3 LMS won the 24-hour endurance race held at Fuji Speedway last year. The Synthesizer Energy 0W-40 was used in this vehicle. Anyway, the achievements are with origami!

¥ 3700 / 1L (excluding tax) Ideal for high-spec turbo engines.


SPL TECH | Special Tech 5W-30

High-tech low-viscosity motor oil based on synthetic technology. Highly wear resistant formula. The cold start at start and the minimum friction during daily operation will greatly extend the service life of the engine. It provides ideal hydraulic pressure under all operating conditions. It keeps oil consumption low. Easily clear the strict test requirements required by automobile manufacturers. We have acquired standards such as BMW, VW, Benz, AUDI, PORSCHE.

¥ 3000 / 1L (excluding tax) Widely supported.

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Drive-focused gear oil special feature


​Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama City Emifull Matsumae  VF ENGINEERING SPLPARTS M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 2002 M1 Drive drive Ehime imagine hex bmw gt3 recaro bbs hre BMW PORSCHE ALFAROMEO  M2 | Japan | Drive. Motor Sport

bmw dct.jpg

Moty's-DCTF | Moty's DCT only

BMW DCT  The performance required for is not limited to a single factor. It is necessary to balance a wide range of required performances, that is, slip control characteristics such as multi-plate clutches, synchromesh compatibility, hydraulic control compatibility, and wear / fatigue resistance of gear systems at a high level. Needless to say, consideration of compatibility with constituent materials is taken into consideration. Moty's DCTF has made a special hydrocarbon-based combination while making it a non-polymer specification in order to verify and optimize these from the aspect of lubrication. By these, a high viscosity index is realized and low temperature viscosity characteristics are secured, while it corresponds to the optimization of different friction characteristics required for multiple parts, and considering the oxidation stability that can withstand high temperature and high load, Moty's M351 and M352 are DCTFs that have established and created a unique and completely new functional additive balance.

¥ 4200 / 1L (excluding tax) Estimated replacement amount 8-10L | 20,000km / replacement recommended


Moty's M409 | High Performance Gear Oil

The drive has been riding BMW for many years, and it is gear oil that has been troubled. The M409 series was plagued by the symptoms of gear slipping and gear not engaging under heavy load, and I tried out the gear oil from Sanzan Ironna Maker. This M409 is a product developed with an emphasis on long-term use, especially under high temperature and high load conditions. All are also suitable for dog missions.

And provided the performance as the manufacturer complained.

That's why gear oil is Moties. Motiz can also make original blends.

As far as we know, we have never encountered any more gear oil.

¥ 6000 / 1L (excluding tax) Estimated replacement amount 2-3L | 10,000kg / replacement recommended

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Recommended drive popularity! Piston cleaning special feature 

NUTEC NC900.jpg

STEP ① | Removal of auxiliary equipment

Since the construction will be done from the plug hole, it will be disassembled (laughs).

¥ 25,000 / BMW / MINI / 2000cc (excluding tax) | 20,000km / construction recommended

¥ 30000 / BMW / 3000cc (excluding tax)

¥ 45000 / BMW / 4000cc (excluding tax)

¥ 55000 / BMW / 5000cc (excluding tax)

BMW エンジン.jpg

STEP② | Insert NUTEC NC-900.

When you're ready, take a peek at the piston head before construction!

Depending on the degree of dirt at this time, the time to soak in the liquid agent is derived. Manually turn the heavy crank according to the number of cylinders and repeat several times. This vehicle weighs 30,000 kilometers, but you can see at a glance that a considerable amount of carbon has accumulated. In recent years, direct injection engines tend to accumulate carbon.

Recommended for 20,000 km / every construction


STEP③ | Farewell to carbon.

If you absorb NC-900 and remove carbon manually as much as possible, it will return to aluminum as shown in the picture. It's quite plain, but we will carefully finish it while imagining the smiles of our valued customers. Finally, add the compression recovery agent | NC-202 and drive for about 200km.

We are delighted and highly evaluated by all the customers who have constructed it.

Recommended for 20,000 km / every construction


Drive popular custom | Introducing our recommended items. Click the photo to jump to the page.

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