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Drive popular power-up special feature | Introducing our recommended items.



A TUNING manufacturer representing the United States with a base in California for over 20 years. "HEX TUNING" is becoming a global synonym.

Their best is SUPER CHARGER, all of which are planned, designed, manufactured and TESTed in-house and delivered all over the world. And the great thing about them is that they have been developing "water-cooled intercoolers" for over 10 years. VF ENGINEERING is the state-of-the-art technology that is always on the cutting edge and is in line with the times.

I wish there was such a thing


Charge pipe, which is now synonymous with BMW.

That part didn't exist in Japan. At that time, we imported and sold ER products from California, but Imagine Performance was completed because we couldn't reach the itchy place. Imagine, which is also a blend name. If there is such a thing. .. .. You should be able to enjoy it more!

Draw the feelings of such users and change them into shapes.

That is our ambition and brand theme.

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I  Popularity

Drive popular tuning menu special feature

​HEX TUNING | DME tuning


Speaking of easy power-ups, I think the subcontractor comes to mind first. However, as you proceed with tuning, you will notice that the subcontractor has a limit point. HEX TUNING "is ideal for those who are not satisfied with the subcontractor. This is a type that rewrites the computer, and DME will be able to respond to any situation. It is also a feature that it can be returned to normal at any time. Of course, power-ups The muffler sound has also changed, and it has been very well received by customers who have installed it.

¥ 168000 ~ | Construction time is about 30 minutes

​VF intercooler | IP charge pipe


Intercoolers and charge pipes are very popular with BMW. At our shop, it is very popular with M2 / M3 / M4 users, and it is always installed as good as possible. A water-cooled intercooler is used in the S55 engine. A VF top mount that is 1.6 times larger than the genuine one, and a charge pipe that always breaks with the genuine one. It is a case iron plate that can be replaced as a set. It has been well received by many customers who have installed it.

Intercooler ¥ 370000 | Charge pipe ¥ 110000 | Construction time 3 hours


​Intercooler | Various types are available


All modern cars are downsizing turbos. Intercoolers / charge pipes are popular in our shop regardless of the manufacturer. You can easily experience the power-up without burdening the engine. We handle a wide range of manufacturers, including Imagine, Forge, Wagner, and APR. Please feel free to contact us.

¥ 128000 ~ | Construction time 2.5 o'clock ~


Air cleaner | Eventuri / BMC


Air, fuel and ignition are very important to the engine. Modern engines are delicately managed by computers. Air cleaners made of carbon and other products with the best visuals are very popular. In the drive, Iventuri and Ram Air, which have both visual and performance, are popular. BMC, which maximizes the inhalation effect and is optimized not to inhale dust, is also popular. At Drive, we will guide you to products that meet your needs.

¥ 12800 ~ | Construction time 0.5 hours ~ 

Plasma Direct | NGK Plug


Air, fuel and ignition are very important to the engine. Modern engines are delicately managed by computers. However, there are many problems with the ignition coil. This is thought to be due to individual product differences, heat damage, and plug wear. Our most popular is Plasma Direct. Overcome the weak points of the genuine coil, realize multi-spark and ignite very volumey, so you can experience the power / torque increase. Also, since it is a reinforced type, it will last longer than the genuine product. We strongly recommend that you replace it with the plug at the same time!

¥ 74850 ~ | Construction time 1.5 hours ~ 


​Commitment to drive customization.

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The drive is serious about the car!


Anyway, I am particular about the suspension. I am particular about 1mm units!
I will not compromise at all. It's often said to be a stubborn father, but he won't shake! Anyway, I love Shakotan more than three meals. As for how much I like it, it's a transformation that sleeps with the harmonic drive (laugh) I have never actually slept (laugh) But every day "I repeat studying and delusions" (laugh) I only work one car a day plug. The reason is that you shouldn't be impatient with anything. I have never tried to make something good in a hurry. I often hear that I want to lower the ride height but the ride becomes uncomfortable and my family and girlfriend complain, but it does not mean that the car with the lowered ride quality is uncomfortable. Shakotan = I think many people have the image of "a car with a low ride height and uncomfortable ride", but in reality it is an old image. (Sure, I see a lot of such cars ... lol) Image of "a car with a low ride height and uncomfortable ride" ... This is surely an extremely low ride height without proper setup, or a spring-only drop. Isn't the image of the car you are doing big? Imagine that. Certainly, such a car was not something I could ride. Naturally, car parts are evolving steadily now, unlike in the past. There are many excellent products on the market that have a good balance between sports performance and ride quality, but the original performance can be achieved only by setting it up properly. We will make such a fun car that will not be unpopular when a family member or her rides, and will satisfy it when you want to enjoy driving alone once in a while, and provide as many people as possible with a way to enjoy the car. I hope to share a good time! I think that each person wants a car. We will discuss until we can fully understand the customer's feelings, and we will be responsible for proposing and manufacturing the ideal car.

"Changing your thoughts into shape" is the job of driving.

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