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Supra | A90 GR Imported car  Vehicle Inspection Coordination Alignment Custom Tuning  Used car HEXTUNING DME M2 M3 M4 M5 86 BRZ


You can enable or change the functions that are restricted by changing the settings of the computer installed in SUPRA.
At our shop, we usually guide you with the upper limit of 15,000 yen (excluding tax) even if you install some coding.
If there is only one place, it is 4000 yen (excluding tax), and there is an additional charge for special coordination.
* The contents that can be installed may differ depending on the model, year, grade, and condition of the vehicle. In addition to Supra, we can also provide information on BMW, AUDI VW PORCHE BENZ, etc., so please feel free to contact us.



Popular coding feature for Drive GR Supra

BMW ABS コーディング.jpg

Drive.ABS FLASH | ABS Program

When the big brake kit is installed, the DSC will be optimized according to the rotor diameter and the number of pistons. It is also possible to stop the function to automatically apply the rear brake during cornering. Recommended for users who are concerned about running!

* Construction time varies depending on the vehicle. | 1 hour | Tax not included ¥ 20000 ~



By FLASHing the DME of Supra, the originally hidden mode is released.

The DME map and shift program can be switched in 3 steps.

This is a highly recommended menu.


* Special coding | 1 hour | Tax not included ¥ 20000


Drive.LSD FALSH | LSD control change

The Supra rear differential is computer controlled. The program that optimizes the rear differential is LSD FLASH ". You can change the lock rate of the rear differential.This menu is very popular with users who are concerned about running.


* Special coding | 1 hour | Tax not included ¥ 20000


​Unlock Speed | TV Canceller

It is now possible to perform a clean installation without the need for passengers to watch TV / DVD while driving and to process wiring. Of course, it will not be an obstacle during vehicle inspection, and after construction, the TV will be visible while driving. You can also operate NAVI.

¥ 10000 (excluding tax) | Special coordination. Please feel free to contact us.


Answerback | Lock / Unlock

It will be able to answer back quickly when locking and unlocking.

It's a very cool and popular menu ♪

¥ 4000 (excluding tax) | * Vehicles with genuine security speakers only


​Seat heater control

By displaying the seat heater in the menu, the temperature can be adjusted independently on the left and right. I am very pleased with my wife. Very popular coding.

¥ 4000- (excluding tax)


​DRL ON / OFF function added

By displaying the DRL switching menu, you can select DRL ON / OFF as you like.| ¥ 4000- (excluding tax)


​Easy turn signal | Change the number of blinks

In the genuine product, you can select only once or three times, but by coding, you can switch up to five times at will. It's a very convenient function, so it's popular ♪​ | ¥ 4000- (excluding tax)


Startup display cancellation

In the genuine product, when IG is turned on, a caution is displayed one by one. If this is not erased with the Ichiichi controller, AUDIO etc. cannot be operated. This can also be erased by coding, making it a very convenient and comfortable Supra. Very popular ♪| ¥ 4000- (excluding tax)


No matter how many places you install standard coding, the upper limit is ¥ 15,000 (excluding tax), and if there is only one place, it will be ¥ 4000 (excluding tax).

① TV cancellation | Watch TV while driving + NAVI can be operated ¥ 10000- (Special coordination)
​(2) Addition of DRL ON / OFF switching function ¥ 4000-
​③ Change the brightness of the monitor. ¥ 4000-
​(4) Addition of seat heater adjustment function | The temperature of the seat heater can be adjusted independently on the left and right.  ¥ 4000-
⑤ Seat belt warning light erase driver's seat ¥ 4000-
⑥ Seatbelt warning light erased passenger seat ¥ 4000-
⑦ Animation change | You can change to ALPINA, BMW, M, etc. ¥ 4000-
⑧ Change gong chime | You can change to ALPINA, BMW, Rolls Royce, etc. ¥ 4000-
​⑨ Startup caution display disabled ¥ 4000-
⑩ Change the number of easy winkers ¥ 4000-
⑪ Ikinari SPORTS | Sports mode is set when the engine starts. For those who always want to fully open.
⑫ Idling stop memory | Idling OFF is activated by the setting when the engine is turned off.
⑬ Reverse interlocking mirror angle adjustment ¥ 4000-
⑭ Answerback sound when locked / opened  Make a beeping sound when the door is locked / unlocked
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