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Drive used car | Complete car  Special feature

Give shape to your feelings.

Based on a new / used car, this system will be delivered after installing aero parts, aluminum foil, suspension, navigation, and interior custom parts that are selected by Drive. Or selected by the customer. At the same time as delivery, it is possible to get on a new car with the ideal custom. You can get a big discount by purchasing the vehicle and optional parts at the same time. Both payments and long-term auto loans with a down payment of 0 yen up to 120 payments can be used at low interest rates.

I  Popularity

Drive popular tuning menu special feature


Customize and make a special one before delivery.

Since the drive is a custom specialty store, we handle a wide range of items such as wheels and aero parts, lowdowns, mufflers, interior parts, computer tuning, etc., so we will customize it at the time of purchase and help those who pursue individuality.

We also offer low interest rate credits from each company.


Our motto is peace of mind after purchasing.

Drive is a store specializing in imported cars. With 20 years of expertise, we will provide reliable maintenance.

I am particularly confident about BMW. All of our vehicles are lined up at the store after maintenance is completed. It is also possible to manufacture from a white body.


​Maintenance that can only be done by BMW can be done.

Computers have become more and more computerized in recent years, and there are 20 locations in each car.Equipped with a degree computer. I see a diagnosis on a general-purpose computer, but is it accurate? In the drive, we have introduced a manufacturer's genuine diagnostic machine, including a general-purpose tester. By making full use of the diagnostic machine, [reliable maintenance] and [computer update] are possible.



Also very good at coding BMW.

The word coding is very broad. The general coding is to call the items in the data of the car and add a convenient function. However, coding is required even for parts replacement for repairs, and there are many cases where it is necessary to update DATA by replacing. In the drive, we can guide you to update only DATA, parts replacement coding, manufacturer option retrofit coordination, etc. Please feel free to contact us.


​We put the relationship of trust with our customers first.

After purchasing the drive, we believe that we will start a long-term relationship with the customer. We would appreciate it if you could engrave Drive. On one page of your car life. Also, in the unlikely event that you do, please be assured that you will be picked up by your own carrier anywhere in Japan.

At the drive, we will guide you to the only one that is perfect for you!

Some vehicles are not introduced here. You can also search according to your wishes.

Please feel free to contact us.

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  Drive.U-Car Stock


BMW E92 M3




BMW E63 M6
LHD | SMG repaired






Drive.Demo Car


BMW E92 M3








BMW E82 135
Complite | AirRex


BMW F82 M4
Drive.Demo Car

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BMW E92 M3



At the drive, we will guide you to the only one that is perfect for you!

Some vehicles are not introduced here. You can also search according to your wishes.

Please feel free to contact us.

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Drive popular custom | Introducing our recommended items. Click the photo to jump to the page.


​Commitment to drive customization.

The drive is serious about the car!


Anyway, I am particular about the suspension. I am particular about 1mm units!
I will not compromise at all. It's often said to be a stubborn father, but he won't shake! Anyway, I love Shakotan more than three meals. As for how much I like it, it's a transformation that sleeps with the harmonic drive (laugh) I have never actually slept (laugh) But every day "I repeat studying and delusions" (laugh) I only work one car a day plug. The reason is that you shouldn't be impatient with anything. I have never tried to make something good in a hurry. I often hear that I want to lower the ride height but the ride becomes uncomfortable and my family and girlfriend complain, but it does not mean that the car with the lowered ride quality is uncomfortable. Shakotan = I think many people have the image of "a car with a low ride height and uncomfortable ride", but in reality it is an old image. (Sure, I see a lot of such cars ... lol) Image of "a car with a low ride height and uncomfortable ride" ... This is surely an extremely low ride height without proper setup, or a spring-only drop. Isn't the image of the car you are doing big? Imagine that. Certainly, such a car was not something I could ride. Naturally, car parts are evolving steadily now, unlike in the past. There are many excellent products on the market that have a good balance between sports performance and ride quality, but the original performance can be achieved only by setting it up properly. We will make such a fun car that will not be unpopular when a family member or her rides, and will satisfy it when you want to enjoy driving alone once in a while, and provide as many people as possible with a way to enjoy the car. I hope to share a good time! I think that each person wants a car. We will discuss until we can fully understand the customer's feelings, and we will be responsible for proposing and manufacturing the ideal car.

"Changing your thoughts into shape" is the job of driving.

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